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Wire Guidance Installers in Indianapolis, IN

Forklift impacts can damage pallet rack and merchandise. Also, operator injuries can be the result of forklift operator error. These errors can be quite costly. Wire guiding a forklift can increase productivity, reduce accidents and increase the number pallet positions. The forklift operator can concentrate on order picking and not have to worry about driving the forklift. Another benefit of wire guided (VNA) Very Narrow Aisles is that product storage capacities can increase up to 40% or decrease the square footage required. The (ROI) return on investment can be almost immediate.
  • MHS Wire Guidance is an installer of (VNA) Very Narrow Aisle and (AGV) (Automated Guided Vehicles).
  • MHS Wire Guidance offers a turnkey solution along with wire guidance we provide pallet rack installation, and magnet installation. We also stock and sell both new and used pallet rack.
We supply and install only the highest quality products; Tinted 16g. UL 26 Strand wire, MM80 Semi Rigid Epoxy, and end of aisle control magnets. Our warranty includes all work for a period 2 years from the date of the installation. We will replace or repair any defective materials during the warranty period.